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Employer Information Session Details

Employer: Arista Networks
Date: Monday October 1, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: DC 1301
Web Site:
Student Level: Senior, Masters, PhD
Student Type: Co-op and Graduating Students
  • Theme - Computing: Hardware
  • Computing: Systems Security and Cryptography
  • Computing: Software
  • Computing: Information Systems
  • Information Science and Data Management
Arista Networks

Arista Networks is heralding in a new age of networking, by combining EOS, the most advanced networking operating system in the world, with the most cutting edge silicon commercially available. This gives Arista the ability to fuel the explosive growth of data centers required by modern cloud computing.

With a rapidly growing customer base of over 4000 customers, our team pushes the limits of the networking world every day. EOS has been designed from the ground up for extensibility and flexibility, and this has allowed Arista to be on the forefront of the Software Defined Networking revolution that is taking the industry by storm.

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