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Employer Information Sessions

The following employer information sessions (info sessions) are open to all students from the program disciplines targeted. Some info sessions are targeted for both co-op and graduating students, while others are targeted for only co-op students, or only graduating students. When graduating students are targeted, these are open to co-op and regular stream students in their last year of academics (i.e., 4A or 4B terms).

Only open info sessions are fully promoted on the info sessions calendar and are open to students from the program disciplines targeted, where closed info sessions are invite-only by the employer. Closed info sessions are indicated on the info session calendar with limited details, because only students personally invited by the employer are able to attend. Also, info sessions denoted on the calendar with an * are tentative bookings that have not yet been confirmed; therefore, please don't show up to info sessions that have been denoted with an * on the calendar.

Be sure to register for the info sessions you'll be attending, or cancel your registrations if you registered, and no longer plan to attend. Changes in the schedule may occur, so please check back on the day of the info session for the most current information.

All students attending info sessions must have a valid WatCard to be swiped in for internal attendance tracking.

Employer Information Session Registration

Students are highly encouraged to register for an Employer Information Session ahead of the event.

Please note, registration doesn’t guarantee admission. Students are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why is student registration important? It allows for an estimate of:

  • student attendance
  • catering quantities
  • venue capacity
  • venue layout
  • resource

All of this combines for a more satisfying event for employers and students!

Note to Students

  • please cancel your registration if you’re unable to attend a registered event
  • registration does not guarantee admission
  • students must have a valid WatCard for attendance purposes

The Employer Information Sessions Calendar is now available in WaterlooWorks. Please log in to WaterlooWorks to view and register for upcoming Employer Information Sessions.

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