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Employer Information Session Details

Employer: Flipp
Date: Friday September 6, 2019
Time: 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: DC 1301
Web Site:
Student Level: Junior, Senior, Intermediate
Student Type: Co-op and Graduating
  • Computing: Software
  • Computing: Quality Assurance
  • Computing: Information Systems
  • Information Science and Data Management
  • Digital and Graphic Media; Web Site Design and Development
  • Business Administration
  • Data Analytics, Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Optimization
Meet and Discover Flipp!

Making Flipp Your Next Career Home!

Toronto's Flipp is reinventing the weekly shopping experience. Our app helps millions of people save money every week, and that's what makes our team proud of what we do.

How do we do it? We work with the largest retailers in the world to help them transform their business into the digital age to better engage with their customers. We have created the Flipp marketplace which connects hundreds of retailers with over 65 million consumers every month, fundamentally changing the way people shop.

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